Sierra de segura jaen

Sierra de segura jaen

Sierra de las villas

Through these amazing places you will tour the entire Sierra del Segura while getting to know its cozy villages, its spectacular fauna and its peculiar flora. A tip, do not forget your camera because you will surely want to take some pictures for the memory and social networks.

From this viewpoint, the most striking thing is the meander that makes the Segura River in the relief, just before reaching the clogged waters of the Cenajo reservoir. In addition, with a little luck we will be able to see mountain goats typical of these zones that go down to hydrate themselves in the vicinity of the Segura river.

Los Chorros del río Mundo is one of the most visited spots in the Natural Park. The cave is about 50 km deep explored (so far) and the Calar del Mundo platform has more than 900 registered dolines. At specific times, due to the thaw, the rains and the wind, the phenomenon of the REVENTÓN occurs, which will surprise you with its spectacular nature.

The Hueco de los Chorros is a real crossroads in the distribution of plant species and communities. The variety of environments gives rise to the great plant diversity that is also responsible for the wide range of fauna.

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Sierra de SeguraVista del pico de las Banderillas en la Sierra de SeguraPunto más altoElevación1.993 m (6.539 ft)Coordenadas38°01′00″N 02°47′00″W / 38.01667°N 2.78333°W / 38.01667; -2.78333Coordenadas: 38°01′00″N 02°47′00″W / 38.01667°N 2.78333°W / 38.01667; -2.78333GeografíaSierra de SeguraEspaña

La Sierra de Segura es una cadena montañosa del Sistema Prebético en la provincia de Jaén en España. Recibe su nombre de la antigua ciudad de Segura de la Sierra y da nombre al río Segura. Su punto más alto es el pico de las Banderillas, de 1.993 m de altura.

Esta sierra se encuentra entre Sierra Nevada, la Sierra de Cazorla y la Sierra de Baza[1] y da nombre a la Comarca de la Sierra de Segura, división administrativa que incluye una serie de pueblos que se encuentran dispersos por la sierra[2].

The towns

The Sierra de Segura has as head Segura de la Sierra, within whose term the Segura river is born. Only a quote from the XV century: «All this land of the val de Segura is called sierra quan grande es; but for this reason it is not dexa de llamar vn alto, or cabeça sola por si este nombre mismo; ansi que no haze la cantidad el tal nombre, salvo la calidad, por do paresçe que este nonbre proçede de tierra fraguosa e aspera. Ansy as in the sawing saw is something rough and bitter, ansi I believe that I take this name the land of it that is of such form, or it of the land; that in another way I do not know nor feel where two so different things nor everything at the same time could be called in one way, and from here we can take that all high fraguoso and rough to walk can be called this way properly» |(Libro de Montería sobre la Sierra de Segura, 192).}}}

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Being the second largest region of the province, it has, however, a lower population density than the rest of the regions of the province. Much of the territory of this region is part of the natural park of the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas.

Orceracity in spain

Part of the lands of the municipality are included in the Natural Park of the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas. Of its closest environment it stands out the great centenary olive tree called Fuente Buena, declared Natural Monument. In its urban area there are buildings of historical and artistic interest such as the Convent of Carmelistas Descalzas, with a beautiful baroque façade. More info >

Of its old castle of the Order of Santiago only the keep remains, located in the center of the town. Another keep can also be seen three kilometers from the town center. It is the Tower of the Lagoon or Zarracotín that, on a hill, offers a beautiful panoramic view of this municipality that, in part, is within the Natural Park of the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas. More info >

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This municipality is of interest both for the devotees of the rural and active tourism and for the fans of the cultural tourism. Its lands are located within the Natural Park of the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas and it has been declared a Picturesque Site and a Historic and Artistic Site. Its urban center is crowned by an impressive castle of Muslim origin. More info >

Sierra de segura jaen
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