La daniela general pardiñas

La daniela general pardiñas

Best cocido in madrid

In case you have not reached this page since the frustrated cocido at Bodegas Rosel, I will tell you that this visit was not planned. You can find the details in the previous link. In order not to miss the opportunity to eat our monthly cocido, we had to improvise and the closest restaurant was this branch of the Taberna de la Daniela.

The second vuelco contains the ball, or filling, potato, carrot, vegetables and chickpeas. Everything tasted good but not spectacular. The chickpeas are outstanding, well cooked and tasty. The vegetables are below average for not being sautéed. The ball does not stand out either, excessively greasy and with a too dense dough.

In the second turnover comes the filling of the ball, potato, carrot, vegetables and chickpeas. In the average of its sister establishments, where again the chickpeas stand out and the vegetables are a little weak.

At the time, the associates did not give too much ranking to this stew, but I did not remember it being weak at all. For this reason I faced this day with enthusiasm to check if my memories were founded.

Casa daniela madrid

La Taberna de la Daniela, más conocida simplemente como «La Daniela» por los lugareños, es un restaurante de estilo tradicional que sirve auténtica cocina española. Como se destaca en su hermosa fachada cubierta de azulejos, es quizás más conocido por su cocido, que es un plato emblemático de Madrid. El cocido es un guiso abundante hecho con garbanzos, verduras (patatas, zanahorias, coles), jamón curado, pollo, chorizo y morcilla. Es un plato básico que se sirve en la mayoría de los hogares, sobre todo en invierno, pero es lo suficientemente bueno como para disfrutarlo en cualquier época del año. Afortunadamente para los visitantes de Madrid, La Daniela lo sirve todos los días.

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El cocido se sirve tradicionalmente en 3 etapas, y así es como se hace en La Daniela. La primera etapa es una sopa que se hace con el caldo del cocido y se le añaden fideos. La segunda etapa consiste en los garbanzos y las verduras. La carne se sirve en la tercera fase. Un cocido con tantos ingredientes suele dar lugar a sobras, y como en un hogar español nunca se desperdicia la comida, cuando se hace el cocido suelen surgir varios platos adicionales, como las croquetas que se aromatizan con el caldo del cocido, y la ropa vieja hecha con los garbanzos.

Daniela’s tavern

In Madrid there are hundreds of places that make a good cocido, some of postín (Lhardy), others to walk around the house (La Bola), but in the middle ground is the virtue, and that is where the cocido de la Taberna de la Daniela is, probably the best in the city although it is not the most famous.

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At Taberna de la Daniela you go for what you go for, to eat cocido, anything else would be unthinkable. You have to make a reservation for lunch (I can’t even imagine that anyone could have cocido for dinner), and you can choose between two shifts, at 1.30 pm or 3.30 pm. Undoubtedly, choose the first one, because there is no hurry to finish, no one throws you out, and maybe those in the second shift will end up sitting down after 4 pm. The service is very friendly, like the locals.

Hint: to end on a good note, the best thing is one of their lemon sorbets (with cava or vodka) that will help us to wash down our meal. If we don’t care about that, their apple pie with cream is to take off your hat.

Los galayos madrid

The restaurant is located in the Salamanca neighborhood, a few meters from Goya street and Príncipe de Vergara street. There is a covered parking in the same street and many times it is necessary because it is a very difficult street to park.

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We have uploaded several photos here, in our Secret Corners wall on Flickr. If it is not easy to find, we recommend you to visit our personal galleries on Flickr (naialor -here-, monthypm -here- and marylebone -here-) as all the information is better organized by folders. In any case, the album of Taberna la Daniela is -here-.

The service is very close, cordial and pleasant. Perhaps on some occasions there may be an excess of confidence but I assure you that politeness always prevails and we have always loved their way of being.

La daniela general pardiñas
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