Entradas top of the rock civitatis

Entradas top of the rock civitatis

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Yes, there is a free, unguarded parking area at the beginning of the route. There is also a parking area for people with reduced mobility, next to the interpretation center (accreditation required). You can see how to get there below.

We leave the car in the parking mentioned in the «how to get there» section. We begin to climb up the asphalt and soon we reach the site of the Medieval Town of Ifach, of great archaeological value. Shortly after we arrive at the Visitor Reception Center of the natural park, with an exhibition that we can visit. From there, we will follow a paved path, protected by wooden railings, which runs in the shade of pine trees. Gradually we are gaining height, and we can enjoy the first views of the port of Calpe (photo below).

Residential Terra de Mar. Located in the old town of Calpe, it offers a «zen» and relaxed atmosphere.✔️ Hostel SEA&DREAMS Calpe. It offers shared rooms, private rooms and suites. Activities for guests.


Witness to a thousand and one stories, Gaztelugatxe has been the scene of battles with besieged castles, naval battles, pirate encounters, enclave of akelarres and brave fishermen who for centuries have gone to sea under the protection of San Juan Bautista.

We invite you to visit this paradise in Bizkaia and for this we will give you all the necessary information to visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, how to book tickets Gaztelugatxe and many tips.

Since it became Rocadragon the avalanche of tourists only grows and the Provincial Council of Biscay has had to take action to regulate the capacity, avoid long queues and protect the area.

But winter is not far behind. Visiting this place with the waves of the Cantabrian Sea crashing against the rocks, while you get caught in a mixture of sirimiri (fine rain) and splashed by the sea water is an unforgettable experience.

The Provincial Council of Bizkaia has created an audio guide that you can download for free on your cell phone and thus, discover, know and understand each of the corners and curiosities that hides San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.

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Several layers to take off and put on along the way. Gloves and hat included, because when you get to the top it’s cold enough to make your hands itch, although there are moments during the hike when you have everything to spare.

◾ And if you get altitude sickness, it is assumed (because we did not see it) that the guides carry oxygen in case you need an emergency shot. What we did see was an ambulance next to the buses at the start of the climb. So just focus on enjoying the trail, which seems to be covered for unforeseen events.

And the people leading the horses, with traditional costumes made of alpaca and with intense colors, different from the ones we saw in Cuzco, is also part of that stamp that looks like a documentary. Great wherever you look.

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The rock is located towards the center of the Temple Mount, an artificial platform built and expanded over many centuries. The present form is the result of an expansion made by Herod the Great on a peak called Mount Moriah, which was three millennia ago the highest place in ancient Jerusalem in the vicinity of the City of David. [citation needed]

Located within the Sanctosanctum, this was the rock on which the Ark of the Covenant was placed in Solomon’s Temple.[28] During the Second Temple period when the Ark of the Covenant was not present, the stone was used by the High Priest who offered incense and sprinkled the blood of sacrifices on it during the Yom Kippur service.

Entradas top of the rock civitatis
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