Todas las canciones de julio iglesias

Todas las canciones de julio iglesias

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Here in the editorial office we think that Julio Iglesias is the best interpreter that has come out of these lands and that is why we pay tribute to him by choosing 10 songs that have been an important part of our lives.

When we hear the name of this song we immediately think of a song by «Hector y Tito», however, more than two decades before this song came out. This song, like all the others by this great singer, has a great melancholy included in a lyric full of celebration and joy, and that is why it is one of our favorites.

Probably the most famous song of his career, it is in seventh place in our ranking and it is thanks to it that millions of people around the world continue to sing his songs either with this original version or some of the thousands that have been made by artists of very different musical styles.

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Jose Jose did a good job, maybe we dare to accept that but never, never, never like what Julio Iglesias achieved with this immense interpretation of the ship of oblivion, one of the greatest songs of the last century interpreted by one of the best singers, simply spectacular.

Julio iglesias moments full album

Julio Iglesias always had the soul of a conqueror and no one could ever win or argue with that. It was even said that he dated 3,000 women. These 3 specially created songs hide messages in their lyrics dedicated to the women who passed through his life at one time or another.

To each of his musical successes must be added his indomitable fame as a party animal, promiscuous and studly. Everywhere he went, he made his presence felt. He never went unnoticed because of his charm. But beyond that, his songs -most of them- hide messages to the women who made him feel something deep in his life.

By that time, the relationship was very stormy, due to Julio’s constant infidelities. So it was that in 1979 the couple ended up separating, when the divorce law had just been passed. It is worth mentioning that although they always maintained a cordial relationship, in the lyrics of his songs, Julio sent her many indirect messages.

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After standing ovations, shouts and compliments of all kinds, Julio dedicated and showed his love to Miranda Rijnsburger in the middle of a concert: «She is what I have loved most in my life». True to his inspiring and conquering style, he dedicated beautiful songs such as «Caruso» and «El amor» to her. After the phrasing of his voice was enough for the message to be received with complicity.

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Iglesias shared the message in the same week that his family has also faced a tough loss. Paula Bakker, the mother of his wife Miranda Rijnsburger , passed away after a battle with a long illness. Bakker lived with Iglesias, Rijnsburger and the couple’s children in Miami. Cristina Iglesias wrote on social media, «Last night, heaven gained an angel.»

Published in 1968, ‘La vida sigue igual’ was the artist’s first single with which he won the Benidorm Song Festival, the contest with which he became a superstar of the melodic song. Iglesias wanted to highlight one of the song’s verses on his Instagram: «SIEMPRE HAY HAY POR QUÉ VIVIR, POR QUÉ LUCHAR».

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The collection will be available in two different versions. The first will contain two discs with 37 songs, and the second will consist of a deluxe edition that will offer this same material along with the DVD «Noche estrellada: En directo desde el Teatro Greek», of the historic concert that Iglesias offered in Los Angeles in 1990.

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Julio Iglesias’ new album includes nine duets with great artists such as Frank Sinatra on «Summer Wind»; Art Garfunkel on «Let It Be Me», Sting on «Fragile»; Diana Ross on «All Of You» and Stevie Wonder on «My Love», among others.

Todas las canciones de julio iglesias
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