Problemas resueltos oposiciones tecnologia pdf

Problemas resueltos oposiciones tecnologia pdf

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Empirical research team: for each theme, two empirical research groups are set up. They are the ones who try to feel the daily reality, obtain information, make surveys, conduct interviews or carry out field studies focused on the facts and on the opinions that have to do with the topic to be developed. They connect the class with the community institutions that have something to do with what is being dealt with. –

Creative research team: this group has the creative, constructive or expressive component. In technological issues most of the ideas are not the product of reflection or cold analysis; they have to do with novels or comics that have been read, movies that have been seen, among others. Students should be put in a position to use and investigate with these expressive means. Prototypes of technological objects or systems can also be built. –

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Si está pensando en utilizar PRINCE2Oao para gestionar sus proyectos o en prepararse para la formación en PRINCE2, necesita una introducción completa que le ayude a dominar los aspectos básicos… Revisado en su totalidad para ajustarse a los detalles y requisitos del manual de PRINCE2 de 2009 y simplificado para que resulte más útil a los que se inician en el método, PRINCE2Oao Revealed, segunda edición, es la primera referencia perfecta. Una visión general del complejo método PRINCE2 que parte de un nivel más accesible que el de otros manuales detallados, le facilitará el acceso al tema y situará el método en un contexto real.Tanto si busca una introducción fiable a los fundamentos como una referencia rápida para prepararse para la formación y el estudio de PRINCE2, PRINCE2Oao Revealed le proporcionará la base para llevar sus conocimientos y su aplicación al siguiente nivel.Ahora incluye preguntas de práctica de PRINCE2 Foundation para la preparación del examen».

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This text presents a collection of problems with solutions on different topics of Basic Electronics. Most of these problems have been proposed in exams of introductory Electronics subjects in different degrees of the University of Granada.

The aim of this text is to help students to self-evaluate. In this sense, in some problems only a suggestion and the numerical solution are given, without detailing the calculation. If, in spite of such a suggestion, the student does not manage to solve the problem, the authors’ advice is to review the theoretical knowledge of the subject to which the problem corresponds. In any case, the text has been composed to be studied sequentially, so that the difficulty that the student may encounter in a particular problem may already have been dealt with in more detail in a previous problem.

Some sections devoted to Circuit Theory have been included at the beginning of the text. The problems in this part, also proposed in exams, are intended to prepare the student to deal with the equivalent electrical circuits that will be obtained when electronic devices are substituted for their circuit models. Sometimes, as a result of such substitutions, superfluous elements may remain (passive elements in parallel with a voltage source, or in series with a current source, to give examples). For this reason, we have insisted on circuits with such a peculiarity, since teaching experience has shown us that they are often particularly confusing for students. To acquire more theoretical knowledge about this type of problems, please consult the book on Circuit Theory: »Fundamentos de Teoría de Circuitos para Electrónica», Juan A. López Villanueva, Juan A. Jiménez Tejada, 2008.  This book contains a collection of problems with solutions related to basic aspects of Electronics. Many of these problems have been proposed in exams of different courses on Fundamentals of Electronics at the University of Granada, Spain.

Problemas resueltos oposiciones tecnologia pdf
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