Julio cortazar frases de amor

Julio cortazar frases de amor

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One of Julio Cortazar’s most powerful love quotes, because it expresses that love cannot be chosen, it is an outside force that strikes you like lightning, a shocking metaphor that makes us reflect on how we live love.Discover here more love quotes to reflect and dedicate.

Although we made love so many times happiness had to be something else, something perhaps sadder than this peace and this pleasure, an air like a unicorn or an island, an endless fall into immobility.

This is one of the phrases from Julio Cortázar’s Rayuela that best expresses the feeling of spite and disaffection that the protagonist perceives when his beloved, La Maga, rejects him. It is a phrase that illustrates very well the sadness of the lover, but if you want to discover other similar quotes, you will find them in this article of Short and sad heartbreak phrases.

Can you miss something you never had? This is one of the phrases of Rayuela Julio Cortázar that reflects on this question.If you want to discover more phrases of Julio Cortázar and other great figures of world literature, do not miss this article of Phrases of famous writers.

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Of Argentine parents, Cortázar was born in Ixelles, in the capital of Belgium, since his father was an official of the Argentine embassy in that nation. He himself would describe his birth as «a product of tourism and diplomacy».

Julio Cortázar left us great works such as Rayuela, Los Premios and Libro de Manuel. He was also a great storyteller which we can appreciate in Deshoras, Bestiario, Final del juego, Las armas secretas and many more. To honor his legacy we bring you 10 love quotes by Julio Cortázar that will touch your soul.

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Today we bring you 120 phrases of Julio Cortázar, one of the most recognized Spanish-American authors of the literary scene, although he was also an active translator throughout his life. Known especially for his work «Rayuela» (of which we attach the link below), he has also been considered a master of the short story and poetic prose. His writings, which wander between magical realism and surrealism, have marked and enamored millions of readers. Precisely so you can delve into his particular universe, in Frases de la Vida we have made a compilation of the 120 best phrases of Julio Cortázar, which we present below.

2. Each time I will feel less and less and remember more, but what is memory if not the language of feelings, a dictionary of faces and days and perfumes that come back like verbs and adjectives in speech.

22. We know so many things, that arithmetic is false, that one plus one is not always one but two or none, we have plenty of time to leaf through the album of holes, of closed windows, of letters without voice and without perfume.

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Julio Cortázar’s phrases describe the writer perfectly, in them we discover a man interested in literature itself, but also in politics, philosophy or religions. Julio Cortázar revolutionized South American literature, as he devised new ways of telling stories within the framework of literature. In this category we recover the best quotes by Julio Cortázar, which explain both his work and his thoughts.

If you like famous quotes by writers, you can’t miss these famous quotes by Julio Cortázar, a reference in Latin American literature of the last century, whose books will be read for generations due to the novelty of his themes, his structure, etc. We have compiled the main famous quotes by Cortázar, but on our website you will find many more famous quotes and famous phrases from other writers fundamental to the history of literature.

Julio cortazar frases de amor
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