Frases de indirectas de desamor

Frases de indirectas de desamor

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If you are going through a complicated sentimental situation, or you want to «throw» a hint to that person who was the love of your life, we may have what you need here. In this article we are going to show you 50 heartbreak phrases that you can use on WhatsApp.

Whether you want to put them in your WhatsApp status, or in your account info, any of the heartbreak phrases that you will be able to see here, will serve you to do so. Moreover, if you wish, you can copy and paste some of these phrases to send them to anyone from the most used messaging app in the world.

Before we show you the 50 best heartbreak phrases that you can use on WhatsApp, it is important to clarify that they are somewhat «shocking», so we recommend you use them only if you are going through a difficult time with your partner.

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heartbreak phrases

To get over it, it is important to face breakups and sad situations, and there are few better ways than doing it through some short and sad heartbreak phrases that make you realize that you are not alone.

The phrases of heartbreak and sadness are not for self-pity or to make us feel worse, on the contrary, they are to face the feelings we have inside us and to get to see the reality, that you are not alone and that what has happened to you is just overcoming.

However, everyone lives their sadness in an individual and personal way, so there are no tricks that work for everyone or magic recipes, but there are tips that can be of great help.

Try to go on with your life, don’t look at the past or focus on what could have been, you have to move on without worrying about anything else. Things happen for a reason, and usually changes are always for the better.

And of course, most important of all, let time pass, don’t be in a hurry to get over it or to make the world believe that you are already perfectly fine. It is normal that for a while you are going to be bad, but nothing happens, give yourself time to gradually read these phrases of heartbreak and at the same time heal the wounds.

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I would have thought that I would be able to kick you out, not only from my bed, but also from my life, that out of the blue, without the slightest effort, nothing would matter to me anymore.-Lady Y.90.00% positive votesTotal votes: 10Share:

SOMETIMES YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH…Submitted by rogeralvarez-1 FollowSometimes you fall in love with people who plan to leave when you’re high in the sky. And then you fall… And no one can help you up.89.72% positive votesTotal votes: 214Share:~Broken heart.Submitted by magi FollowSongs and writings speak for me. For, I can never look you in the eye and confess the love I feel for you. 89.47%vote likesTotal votes: 38Shares:SOMETIMES YOU GET ADDICTED…Submitted by rogeralvarez-1 Follow

EVERY TIME I WILL FEEL LESS AND…Every time I will feel less and remember more.Sent by: Julio Cortázar81.61% positive votesTotal votes: 223Share:WE ARE BOTH VERY IN LOVE I…We are both very much in love: I with him, and he with another…Sent by: Anonymous81.59%positive votesTotal votes: 277Share:From 1 to 20 of a total of 122 heartbreak quotes

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Today in Frases de la vida we are going to talk about a topic that most people have experienced at least once in life and that not all of us know how to carry, today we will talk about heartbreak, a feeling that we experience when we are heartbroken, when we feel a disappointment for the person we love. Heartbreak fills us with sadness and pain, it makes us feel that something is missing, as if our heart had been broken. Overcoming this feeling is not impossible, but it takes time. That’s why we are going to see some heartbreak phrases to help you get over the pain faster.

76. I understood that tears could not bring someone who had died back to life. I also learned something else about tears, with them you can’t make someone who doesn’t love you anymore love you again.

85. There is something sacred about tears. They are not a sign of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief… and indescribable love. – Washington Irving

Frases de indirectas de desamor
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