Frases bonitas de mejores amigas

Frases bonitas de mejores amigas

Quotes for special friends

Friends form one of the fundamental pillars of our lives and, as the Spice Girls sang more than two decades ago in their mythical Wannabe, «friendship never ends». Many artists have dedicated their lyrics to the importance of being surrounded by good friends, from Ed Sheeran to Bruno Mars or, in our country, the now unmistakable anthem Son Mis Amigos by Amaral or more recently, Aitana and Eva Luna have made a declaration of friendship in the videoclip of Aunque no sea conmigo.

However, beyond the incredible experiences you can have with your group of colleagues, there is always a special friend with whom you share your most intimate secrets, with whom you keep memories that you only understand between you and the one you know will never let you down, no matter what. In the purest Beyoncé style for Lady Gaga in Telephone. If you want to dedicate a special song for her, for your best friend, these ten that we have compiled for you are ideal.

Christina Aguilera put all the power of her voice to give value to that friend who has always been unconditionally present, as she says «like a shelter in the storm». If you are one of those who value loyalty, this hymn to friendship is made for you.

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Nice words for a friend

Most of us have a few dozen friends, both friends we see from time to time and those we meet once a week: and to all of them we can surely dedicate some nice phrases. However, the truth is that true friends can be counted on the fingers of the hands, and that’s probably why you’ve ever wondered: «what phrases for my best friend can get to convey to her how important she is to me?». It is for this reason that at Frases de la Vida we want to help you find the phrases for your best friend that perfectly match your feelings. And how do we do that? Of course, with a good compilation.

And now, so much for our selection of phrases for my best friend. We hope you liked them and that they have even made you think of one of your friends, the one that is sure to be special because you can always count on her. What do you think of these phrases for my best friend? Do you want to share with us your own phrases for your best friend? Tell us, we’ll be happy to hear your opinion!

Friendship phrases for instagram

This phrase for your friend short suggests us that the deepest friendship is characterized, among other things, by providing us with the magical ability to know how to read between the lines everything that our best friend does not want or can not say. Almost as if you were telepaths.Having a friend is having a treasure, so it is important to take care of it. Show that you care, with these phrases of appreciation.

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Just as it happens with love between two people in love, friendship also requires care and pampering. This phrase for your best friend to make her cry is one of the most beautiful that we share with you because of its implicit statement: to spend a lifetime by your side.Another way to show how much we care about a friendship, is to dedicate one of our short friendship poems.

Friendship and love are not deeper if we support others when they want it, but when we are sincere and help them to see the situation from another perspective.We all make mistakes and mistakes, which eventually will be part of our learning. To do this, we must know how to accept them, something that you will achieve with these phrases of humility.

Phrases for your best friend that will make her cry

On this important date in your life, surround yourself with your friends and family to celebrate together. May there be no lack of love, peace and health. May there be no lack of joy and happiness. You deserve all that and much more. Congratulations, my friend!

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I wish you a bright day of light and joy, good surprises and splendid smiles, many happy returns today and always, and may love, friendship, health, peace and success abound in your life!

I feel very nostalgic for you and I count the seconds for our reunion. But it is very good to know that you are well, and also that despite all this distance, our friendship remains very strong.

Frases bonitas de mejores amigas
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