Dust in the wind significado

Dust in the wind significado

Dust in the wind author

There is also a certain parallelism with the best known phrase of Ecclesiastes, the shortest of the sapiential writings, «vanity of vanities and all things are vanity», a book with a markedly existential tone. One of the main themes of Ecclesiastes is the well-known precept of «carpe diem» (enjoy the day, enjoy the moment, take advantage of what life has to offer);

Our album «Caminando» is the result of all this joint work, the songs have been composed by both of us and in it you can perceive the influence of some of our artistic references such as bossa-nova, traditional and children’s songs, the concern for the environment, the transience of things, the rights of children … a humble work that aims to share what we are.

We carry out a fortnightly informative space on Canal Extremadura Radio within the program «el sol dale por el Oeste» in which we perform live a song from our repertoire and explain the cultural connection it has with Extremadura.

Dust in the wind lyrics

It is normal to feel this kind of feelings of sadness and frustration in your life, but you should not stay in them, always look for ways to do things differently, start to rethink your goals, keep working for what you want and you will see how everything gradually improves in your reality, you will get the right direction in your life and this will be very good, you just have to have a little patience and never stop trying.

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When you see the dust inside your house, and you do not clean it, it means that you will have to live a series of problems in your reality, specifically with your family, your partner or your friends, which will not be good for you, many bad things can happen, problems, displeasure, fights, misunderstandings, and you will feel like the world is coming over you, but your duty is to maintain a good attitude towards life, always seeking to overcome each of these problems, and thus to strengthen family unity and love within your home.

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Dust also plays an important role in the transmission of valley fever (a potentially fatal disease) in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico by carrying the spores of the fungus Coccidioides.

Surface dust deposits are a source of micronutrients for both continental and marine ecosystems. Dust from the Sahara is thought to fertilize the Amazon rainforest and the iron and phosphorus that the dust carries is known to benefit marine biomass production in parts of the oceans where these elements are in short supply. However, dust has many negative effects on agriculture, such as reduced crop yields by burying seedlings, loss of plant tissue, reduced photosynthetic activity, and increased soil erosion.

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Dust can affect the production of solar power plants, particularly those that rely on direct solar radiation. Dust deposits on solar panels are a major concern of plant operators. Keeping solar collectors dust-free so that particles do not block incoming radiation requires time and labor.

Analysis of the song dust in the wind

For me it is difficult to talk about qualities. What I can assure you is that this is a novel written more with the viscera than with the brain. Very visceral, I put what I had inside that has to do not only with exile but with the destiny of my generation: fidelity, betrayal, belonging, uprooting, heartbreak.

Because it is a story that, as I was writing it, I was undressing the characters and I saw that theirs could have been my reactions. Except for Elisa’s, who is the one with the demon inside.

In this novel I have been jumping from surprise to surprise. I knew very little of what was going to happen when I started. Every time I wrote a chapter I had to think about what was going to happen in the next one. It wasn’t, for example, until the third version I wrote of the second episode, when I realized that between Clara and Elisa there was a latent lesbian relationship. They were the ones who told me, ‘Hey, you have to reveal it.

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The first version is that of enjoyment. That also happens to me with Mario Conde’s novels: I start, there is a murder and almost at the end I find out who the murderer is, I never have it planned. In «Como polvo…» I was clearing the path to see how the horizon, every time it got closer, got farther away, but I had already traveled a path. That’s the visceral part….

Dust in the wind significado
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