Canciones para alegrar el dia en español

Canciones para alegrar el dia en español

1:13:57musica para ser feliz, musica alegre, relajante, positiva para …password recordsyoutube – sep 6, 2017

It has been considered one of the most cheerful and positive songs in history for decades. In fact, it has been used in numerous commercials to convey precisely that emotion.    It has a lively beat and the lyrics reflect the same pattern.

This upbeat Survivor song has been featured in movies such as Rocky Balboa movies because of its upbeat and energizing rhythm. In fact, Eye of the tiger is often used in sports contexts to motivate people both before and during exercise.

With his signature upbeat rhythm, Billy Joel brings us an energetic song that radiates a passion for life. The music video shows a young man in love who wants to conquer a girl who hasn’t come out of her bubble.

color of hope

In this video, the talented cellist Vesislava Todorova performs a beautiful version of «Beauty and the Beast» from the Disney classic. All you have to do is sit back and let yourself be carried away by this beautiful melody.

Greek mythology has always played a very influential role in the development of culture and art and these 22 beautiful paintings taken directly from the tales of Greek mythology will leave you searching for the legends behind them.

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Eddie Putera, who creates stunning miniature dioramas. As you can see in his work below, he pays attention to detail, making his dioramas look extremely realistic.

Watercolor painting is a distinctive medium and is considered one of the most attainable art forms. After all, many of us have grown up doing watercolors, here we introduce you to the 7 pioneers in this art.

Manabu Ikeda is doing what he was BORN to do. Ikeda is an incredibly talented Japanese artist who paints huge, surreal paintings with so much detail in them that it could take you weeks to discover them all.

who could it be

Okay, maybe this song doesn’t speak directly about happiness, but is there a contemporary artist that transmits more good vibes than Bruno Mars? Uptown Funk is the perfect remedy for grey days. With that characteristic base and that bridge screaming «girls, hit your hallelujah», when it plays we can’t help but be infected with happiness. Yes, this song, as the official RAE definition tells us, takes us to a «state of pleasant spiritual and physical satisfaction».

Well, we could listen to Mika’s Life In Cartoon Motion album on loop and be permanently happy thanks to tracks like Love Today or Relax, Take It Easy. But if there is one song that gives us the rush and we start dancing and jumping in the street is, without a doubt, Grace Kelly. Besides, the song is an anthem to be different and we love that. Bravo Mika, your song is pure happiness.

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Many should follow Bobby McFerrin’s philosophy in his 1988 hit: Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Don’t worry, be happy. Especially because when you worry your face will wrinkle and that will depress everyone. Don’t forget that!

music to brighten up the day

This selection of national and international songs performed by artists and groups as different as Rosana, Fangoria, Coldplay and Pet Shop Boys, among others, are sure to help you face confinement with greater optimism thanks to their motivational and inspiring lyrics and melodies.

1. «Viva la vida», by ColdplayIt is a generational anthem, and although its lyrics revolve around King Louis XVI of France and his fall at the beginning of the French Revolution, its title is taken from a lively painting by Frida Khalo. The martial touch of its melody makes us rise several meters above the ground to shout «I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing / Roman cavalry choirs are singing». Not in vain, Guardiola’s Barça used it to win a Champions League.

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3. «Go west», by Pet Shop BoysIf «Viva la vida» has certain warlike notes, «Go west» by Pet Shop Boys -not so much the original version, the one by Village People- puts us directly in the arms, in full military march, «weapons» as valuable as hope and freedom. «Where the air is free / We’ll be what we want to be / Now, if we take a stand / We’ll find our promised land.» A gay anthem closely linked to San Francisco that, paradoxically, has its origin in a call to colonize the western United States.

Canciones para alegrar el dia en español
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