Be water my friend significado

Be water my friend significado

be like water, my friend

Have you ever felt the need to do something just for the satisfaction it gives you? You are so immersed in that task that you are barely aware of the time that has passed and even experience the feeling of having been on the fringes of reality: no rush, no stress, nothing to disturb your inner calm… Well, this situation is the closest to the concept of flowing following the natural course of life. The Wu Wei or art of flowing is one of the most important concepts of Taoist philosophy and is presented as an essential reference in certain vital moments, those vital moments in which, exhausted by the effort we make to get something, to get what we want, we end up losing the true essence of our being.

4. The constant is changeThe Wu Wei is an example of how some philosophies embrace the idea that everything changes constantly, and that this is a good thing, because it is this sense, one of the main identifying features of Asian cultures (mainly Chinese and Japanese) is the fact of accepting change as such. This is stated in the work Tao te ching, written around 600 B.C. by the Chinese thinker Lao-Tse and foundational piece of Taoism.Everything around us changes constantly, fluidly, simply and spontaneously; and, since this is what is natural, it is considered morally good.5. Accept the laws of natureWhile in Western countries our way of understanding life is summarized in the need to dominate and modify nature, in much of the East the traditional philosophy is totally different.The pretension of subduing and controlling the environment is renounced, since it is understood that a complete fusion with the environment can generate an evolution much closer to what the laws of nature mark.

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citas del libro be water, my friend

¿Qué es «ser agua»?    El agua fluye y se adapta.    No tiene un plan, sino que lidia con el entorno que encuentra.    Explora plenamente el espacio.    No tiene expectativas de lo que va a encontrar.    Se olvida inmediatamente cuando abandona un espacio para encontrar otro.    Sigue siendo el mismo en su interior aunque fluya y se adapte en el exterior.    ¿Es esto lo que significa «ser agua, amigo mío»?    ¿Qué quiso decir Bruce?

Al hablar de ser agua, Bruce se refiere a un concepto del Tao llamado Wu Wei: saber cuándo actuar y cuándo no.    Wu Wei puede traducirse como «hacer sin esfuerzo» o «acción sin esfuerzo».    Conecta con la escuela griega de retórica y el «Kairos» – reconocer el momento adecuado para actuar, y conocer en el momento la forma correcta de actuar.

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Según los maestros de la retórica, es imposible enseñar una forma general de identificar estos momentos y los métodos correctos de acción, por lo que debemos volvernos hacia dentro y volver a nuestra intuición, y llegar a ser realmente buenos en la escucha de nuestra propia voz interna.

vivir el momento

¡»No hagas un plan de lucha.Esa es una muy buena manera de perder los dientes.Si tratas de recordar perderás! Vacía tu mente. Sé informe, sin forma, como el agua.  Si pones agua en una taza, se convierte en la taza. Si pones agua en una tetera, se convierte en la tetera.  El agua puede fluir o arrastrarse o gotear o estrellarse.  Sé agua, amigo mío».

Como todo el mundo, quieres aprender la forma de ganar, pero nunca aceptar la forma de perder: aceptar la derrota.  Aprender a morir es liberarse de ella.  Así que cuando llegue el día de mañana debes liberar tu mente ambiciosa y aprender el arte de morir.

bruce lee water quote

Bruce Lee, apart from delivering blows left and right, is remembered for saying this famous phrase. And the truth is that this simple phrase can be taken as one of the best pieces of advice that can be given to us.

This short phrase refers to the Taoist principle of Wu Wei. Briefly, this concept translates into ‘no action’, that is, the best way to deal with a situation, especially if it is conflictive, is not to act. But more than not acting, it is about not forcing any solution, but letting things flow. And that’s what our good friend Bruce simply meant: «If we stop offering resistance, we will learn to flow and enjoy every moment.»

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Our continuous stress, our fear and the anguish we tend to experience in our life, is mostly due to the fear of change. And that fear of losing our identity and our habits due to the passage of time, as well as the uncertainty that comes from not being certain what will happen in the future, can make our lives bitter.

Be water my friend significado
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