La empanada light de bego

La empanada light de bego

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The advantage of having the recipe for this flan cake with cookies and chocolate that could remind us of the classic grandmother’s cake, is that it has a slight reminiscence of professional fine pastry cakes and as you will see it is so easy to make that we can make it at home in advance without any complications, since both the unmolding and the cutting will always be perfect. As you will see with this cake you do not need a special mold, not even a mold release mold, so we have a great advantage when it comes to its presentation at the table and its cut for plating.

Would you like to try it? If you try this flan cake with cookies and chocolate you will understand me when I tell you that it is one of the most delicious and sweetest cakes you have ever tasted and that you can easily make at home, so I wish you Bon Profit!

And at home, there is nothing better than using the Wheat Tortillas to make an informal dinner filled with the ingredients we have, always combining them with fresh lettuce, tomato or other vegetables of our taste, so they are the most used to make a cleaning of the fridge.

eggplant moussaka

These appetizers and canapés have been very fun and original to cook, so in this recipe I make this potpourri of combinations that I have made as appetizers, presented in a variety of ways.

Some time ago I was looking for a carrot cake, and I was looking for recipes in books and cooking blogs, until I finally liked two of the recipes I saw in the Blog: Dolce Far Ni…

I keep seeing cauliflowers on the street, since we are in season. I wanted to make it in several ways although in the end the one that most appealed to me was the baked au gratin, but …. the bechamel sauce has stopped me in my tracks for reasons of…

illusion, I inaugurate this Blog, to which I welcome you all. In the different sections you will find options of all kinds links, share in social networks, etc. that little by little I will increase. In addition you can cono…

cooking with carmen

Well we are almost at Christmas and we can not miss the salads. In these festive days we are not going to do anything else that to eat all kinds of foods and sweets for that reason the salads are necessary….

You came here for the best basic cooking sauces on the web. In cooking, many of the recipes that are made and that are so successful are thanks to the sauces that enhance the flavor of the food and the …

I have been looking for chicken and turkey breast recipes for a long time, since it is a food that I always try to get the most out of it so as not to fall into the monotony of grilling it. So I …

Bego’s Empana Light – Empanadillas de Pisto with homemade dough (Special Valentine’s Day) – Today I bring you a recipe that I am proud of, because it is really close to the empanadillas de pisto that I have always liked and that they make in the ovens and bakeries of Valencia. In fact, I compared this recipe with a baker friend of mine and it turned out to be the same recipe he used to make, just as I …

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Who doesn’t like to go out for tapas or montaditos? Surely everyone and more now with the good weather and terraces full of people, but today without leaving home we are going to improvise a little with what we have in the fridge to enjoy some crunchy anchovy montaditos while watching the match of the red or if you are not a soccer fan watching a good movie…

When I saw the recipe for Bego’s stuffed potatoes in La empanada light de Bego I knew at the same moment that I had to prepare them if or took me a while to prepare the potatoes stuffed with salmon and prawns, but for the simple reason that we do not have enough with so many good recipes that we see every day ….

The recipe is just as described by bego, only one oversight, I did not put onion and that I went down on purpose to buy spring onions for the filling of the potatoes, but one is very cool, you read the recipe memorizes it and then when you go to prepare it does not review it, pulls memory and what happens? You get old enough to forget things… What can you do!

La empanada light de bego
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