Sym maxsym 400i vs kymco xciting 400i

Sym maxsym 400i vs kymco xciting 400i

Kymco xciting 400i en venta

Eso sí, el MaxSym puntuó MUCHO más que los demás en conducción por autopista, ya que era el único con pantalla Touring y mejor protección para el piloto. El Xciting también tiene un verdadero «triple árbol» frontal, mientras que los otros tienen la típica configuración de scooter. El pobre Xmax tiene una diminuta rueda trasera de 13″ y neumáticos de «scooter» no radiales…

Si se tiene en cuenta todo esto y se pone la pantalla KYMCO touring o la GIVI AirFlo en el Xciting 400, nada se le acerca. Es la que mejor se maneja, es 10kg más ligera que las otras, tiene la mayor potencia y par motor, y es, en mi opinión, la más bonita.

Steve, de SYM UK, dijo que habían decidido no traer la 400 abs al Reino Unido por el momento debido a la pequeña diferencia de precio entre ella y la 600. Creo que esto tiene sentido. Creo que esto tiene sentido, me encantó mi 400, pero el 600 es un juego de pelota totalmente diferente y sospecho que afectará a las ventas de 400, el costo adicional de ser dinero bien gastado. Sé que puedo ser un disco rayado, pero el rendimiento de mi 600 es bastante (mata a probar uno).

Sym maxsym 400i top speed

The renaissance is long gone, that period as turbulent as it was fruitful, which marked a fundamental milestone in history. Although some of that spirit has reached our days and has materialized in the four protagonists of our comparative of 400 Megascooters.

The Kymco Xciting 400i ABS, the Suzuki Burgman 400 ABS, the SYM Maxsym 400i ABS and the Yamaha X-Max 400, four scooters with refined manners that have managed to capture the essence of that time, the ability to masterfully execute the arts and crafts, in this case those of the 21st century.

The Quattrocento would be the first stage of such a fertile movement, a context in which the artist became aware of being an individual with intrinsic values, was attracted by culture and knowledge in general and began to study new disciplines and research new techniques to represent the natural world faithfully.

Power, comfort, economy and even image, these 400s meet all the requirements of the two-wheeler user. They are the brilliant preliminary step to that full Cinquecento, that renaissance explosion that would materialize in the refined two-cylinder.

Suzuki burgman 400 vs kymco xciting 400i

After opening this presentation by what is usually the end – our opinion (in this case more than positive, as you will have deduced without much effort, right?) – let’s move on to what will interest you most. That is, how is the new megascooter from Sym.

Well, as its name suggests, the engine is a 400 single-cylinder with all the technology you expect from a segment already premium from its base by its positioning and rivals. Therefore, it has a multivalve cylinder head, liquid cooling, ceramic coating inside and a Keihin electronic injection that allows a consumption that we could not calculate exactly during the presentation, but by the little that moved the needle of the MaxSym’s very complete multifunction panel – with 4 dials, LCD screen and center of light indicators, nice and easy to consult – must have been around 5 liters, and at the pace that was rolled and the profile of the route with continuous braking and acceleration, it is very little for a megascooter that is around 220 kilos. Declares 34.9 hp, which allowed us to reach up to 150 km / h of marker with the engines little rolled and some decent accelerations out of curves that would be almost first gear on a motorcycle gears.

Sym maxsym 400i review

After reading a thousand comparisons, tests and threads about 400 cc scooters, I have come to the conclusion that I will choose between these two. But I have some doubts that I want to share with you. I have concluded that the Kymco is more sporty and uncomfortable, has more poise and nerve in low and is better equipped. The Sym is more comfortable, more clumsy in the city, has more load capacity and touring skills because it protects more and its engine is better in high.

I think I should choose the Kymco because I live in Malaga and my trips are 80% city and I see it more agile, but I do not want an uncomfortable bike because I want to take it on weekends and I do not want my wife and my back to complain. Is the Kymco uncomfortable and hard suspension? Is it good for 50 or 60 km road trips to get around on the weekend or just to ride the bike for the fun of it, or will the wind and the more uncomfortable position make me only use it as a means of transport in the city because I don’t like it on the road?

Sym maxsym 400i vs kymco xciting 400i
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