La sexta noticias 2

La sexta noticias 2

La sexta news

La Sexta’s news programs began on September 11, 2006 with Helena Resano in charge of the midday news, as this was a key day for news, commemorating the fifth anniversary of the massive attack against the United States.

From the beginning, its point of differentiation from the news programs of the other networks was its anchors, all of them women: Helena Resano, Mamen Mendizábal, Cristina Villanueva and Cristina Saavedra.

This move involved the incorporation of a new technical team and a new image: a new set, a change of headline and graphics, while maintaining its editorial line, and also the dismissal of some thirty technicians from the production company Liquid Media.

When the U.S. presidential elections were held in 2012 and the conclave of Pope Francis in March 2013, Helena Resano moved to the United States and Rome, respectively, to cover all the information.

La sexta direct

* Timetable subject to change depending on the planning of activities. (Central European Time)AttendeesMin: 6, Max: 12Modules1Location Teams platform, sessions will be live, no recordings will be made.Seats occupied:1Spaces available:11

OBJECTIVESTotal knowledge of the operation of a newsroom. At the end, the student should be able to plan and carry out their own reports and perform live. Knows the process of creating a newscast, from the rundown, the functions of each professional in the newsroom to the trends of reportage in the news.

In addition, he has co-coordinated in LaSexta the investigation and publication of the Falciani list (Swissleaks), the Bahamasleaks and, recently, the Paradise Papers. Investigations in collaboration with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and other international media such as The New York Times, Le Monde, The Guardian or BBC.

During the week the students will have to prepare a news report for Friday with everything we have seen. It will be done in groups and each newscast will have to consist of at least one live report from each of the students, a video and a few lines.


The mythical movie Ghost arrives as a musical at the EDP Gran Vía theater in Madrid with David Bustamante as the main character. The singer has gone this Saturday, October 30, to the set of La Sexta Noche to talk about it. This fact has provoked an unexpected confession from José Yélamo.Bustamante apologizes for his controversial words about feminism: «I confused it with hembrismo».

Salvados has returned to La Sexta with a new season presented by Gonzo. The program kicked off this Sunday (21.25) with an installment dedicated to the situation in Afghanistan two months after the departure of international troops after the definitive advance of the Taliban.Gonzo recounts his experience in Afghanistan and the surprising «ease» of working there: «It’s a whitewash.»

This Sunday, October 24, Gonzo returns to La Sexta with Salvados and a special on Afghanistan.  José Yélamo has taken advantage of the visit of the Galician journalist to the set of La Sexta Noche to ask him about his experience in Kabul.    Salvador Illa reveals the health problem that caused him the «stress» of being a minister: «I have never told».


MOST WATCHED on Monday, November 15, 2021 was ANTENA 3 NOTICIAS 2, broadcast on Antena3 at 21:05. The program achieved an average audience share of 3,290,000 viewers and a 22.2% audience share. A total of 4,914,000 individuals watched at least one minute of the news program. In addition, the program contributed 5.9 points to Antena3 out of the 14.4 points the network obtained in the Total Day. On the other hand, the GOLDEN MINUTE of yesterday was recorded at 21:02 during the broadcast of PASAPALABRA on Antena3. At that moment, 4,233,000 viewers tuned in to the contest.

The program with the highest audience share among DTT thematic channels was CINE WESTERN:PRESENTACION broadcast on TRECE at 18:54, with an average of 512,000 viewers and a 4.8% share. A total of 1,034,000 people watched at least one minute of the broadcast.

In terms of regional channels, the TELENOTICIES VESPRE news program on TV3 at 21:00 was the most watched program of the day. An average of 564,000 viewers watched the news program, which reached a 24% share in Catalonia. On the other hand, the program with the highest audience share in its area of broadcasting was the news program ARAGON NOTICIAS 1, broadcast on Aragón TV at 14:00. The broadcast achieved an average audience share of 71,000 viewers and 28.7% in Aragon.

La sexta noticias 2
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